Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER®

So that things can get going again.

The innovative physical vascular therapy BEMER® stimulates and improves the blood flow in the smallest vessels (microcirculation). This improves the performance of the body’s cells and supports the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes.

Why microcirculation is so important

Microcirculation accounts for 75% of the blood flow in the human body and is therefore the main component of our supply system. In total, the blood cells have to supply and clean an area of over 120,000 kilometres (2.5 times around the earth). The heart needs the support of the small blood vessels, which transport the blood by independent pumping movements purposefully into the body areas, which have up-to-date a high supply need. In the event of poor microcirculation

– Our cells are insufficiently supplied with nutrients

– Waste products are less easily transported away

– The body cells are no longer able to perform their various tasks efficiently

– We have less energy and are more susceptible to illness.

BEMER® can be used prophylactically and supportively for a wide range of symptoms and diseases. It can also be used to increase mental and physical performance.

You can test the physical vascular therapy BEMER® with us and also buy your own device. Please feel free to contact us for personal consultation.

We offer point cards for the BEMER® application. You can find our current prices here.

You can find detailed information on the BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy on our BEMER® Homepage.


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