Daria Trenkwalder Fitnesstrainer



Movement has been part of Daria’s everyday life since a young age. Growing up in the Tyrolean mountains, she has always spent a lot of time in the great outdoors. Through the local gymnastics club she came to competitive artistic gymnastics and later also to dancing.

Due to a serious injury at the age of 15, Daria learned to listen to her body at an early age, to recognize her limits and to activate her self-healing powers.

“With targeted movement, which is meant to be fun, we can support the marvellous human being to be and stay physically and mentally healthy and fit”. With this motivation Daria studied – in addition to her work as an actress & speaker – sports science and sports management. A yoga teacher training followed. Yoga and meditation have become her constant companions.

Today she is happy to share what she has learned and experienced with people and to encourage them to move.

In search of the right environment for her work as a yoga teacher, Daria came to Studio.12 and is looking forward to working as a Barre-Fusion teacher to inspire people to move and enjoy the resulting health benefits.

“For me, movement belongs to life like breathing. Movement makes you happy.”

Daria teaches in German.