Nutritional Counselling & KPNI Therapy

Regardless of whether you want to

  • Maintain your vitality
  • Improve your quality of life,
  • Simply want to eat "well", or
  • You have symptoms such as food intolerances, migraines, joint pain

We are happy to support you and provide you with a schedule. Anja Riesenberg, studio owner, KPNI therapist and alternative practitioner with many years of experience, will advise you.

Pillars of consulting

The pillars of the consulting include:

  • Optimization of the metabolism,
  • Use of food as medicine,
  • Regeneration improvement,
  • Orthomolecular support,
  • Adequate exercise,
  • Stress reduction and
  • Above all, we would like to train your understanding of interrelationships.

The approach for each client is individual, sustainability is the goal.

Symptoms are often based on similar mechanisms of action. A continually disturbed human balance can lead to the development of various symptoms such as allergies, asthma, chronic infections, poor performance and thyroid dysfunction. KPNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) is an integrating method, which can recognize and influence the interactions of the three crucial areas: brain, metabolism and immune system.


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