Headstand Workshop with Daria Trenkwalder

If you ever wondered how to turn upside down but didn’t know how, this workshop is perfectly right for you. We will learn all about headstand – “The king of asanas”.

How to build strength, overcome fear and find balance – upside down.

In most of the regular classes, there is not enough time to have a closer look at Sirsasana, so we don’t practice. But if you learn about its amazing benefits (body & mind) and most important – a proper technique – that prevents you from injuries, your future headstand-love is guaranteed.

This workshop will provide a safe and fun environment for headstand-newcomers as well as those who want to find balance & stability in the pose, so you can safely start to integrate it into your yoga practice.

Come and join me. Let’s change perspective together.

On Saturday, 9th November, 2019 from 4.00 to 6.00pm.

Participation is possible for external clients (54 Euros), clients with annual and monthly cards (45 Euros) as well as with regular Studio.12 ticket (2 points).