Lymphatic drainage & Detox

Bounce & Burn is an especially effective workout on a rebounder, something that looks similar to a mini trampoline, but provides a much better effect. Unlike trampolining where the aim is to put as much distance between your feet and the trampoline’s surface in slow jumping movements, while rebounding the emphasis is a higher tempo movement of the lower body as well as the downward push through the balls of the feet staying close to the jumping area. Bounce & Burn trains the whole body and is particularly easy on the joints, as 87% of the shock is absorbed by the rebounder.

The fat-burning training strengthens and defines the deep lying core muscles, the legs and the upper body. In addition, it has an outstanding detox effect as it stimulates the lymphatic system and supports the immune system.

Bounce & Burn is a sweaty cardiovascular and toning training all in one – with lots of fun along with motivating music.

Training takes place in small groups with a maximum of 9 participants.

Trainers are mandatory for this class!

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