Advice and Tips for Studio Etiquette

A – Awareness  
It is important to us to treat ourselves, our bodies, our words and our actions with care, especially when dealing with others. Therefore, we ask you to make sure that you arrive in the studio on time for the beginning of your class. The studio opens at least 15 minutes before the class starts. We recommend arriving at least 5 minutes before the class starts.

New customers MUST appear in STUDIO.12 at least five minutes before their first class attendance. If the class is attended later, participation in the class is not possible for insurance reasons.

C – Cleaning of the mat
We ask you to clean your own used mat after each course. Cleaning solution and towels are provided.

C – Clothing

Clothing should be comfortable, functional, stretchy and breathable. We do not recommend clothing that is too large for practicing yoga. Shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt are best for men, long or half-length sports pants and a top or T-shirt for women.  You may exercise barefoot or with socks; the yoga lessons are barefoot.

In our studio you will find an exclusive selection of sports and yoga clothes as well as yoga mats, which we offer at attractive prices.

D – Drinking
Make sure you are consuming a sufficient amount of liquids. At least 500 ml before class and 1 litre of low-calorie fluid after training are recommended. We provide tea and water to all our guests free of charge.

F – Food
It is recommended to workout on a relatively empty stomach; at least 3-4 hours should pass after a heavy meal  and 1-2 hours after a light meal. 

H – Health
Sports and yoga contribute to well-being and promote good health.

However, in case of physical limitations or health problems, sports and yoga should only be practiced in consultation with your doctor and under the guidance of an experienced teacher. For initial visits, a health form must be completed, indicating all relevant restrictions. Please inform your class instructor as well. In the case of acute injuries or illness, training is explicitly not recommended.

P – Perspiration
Increasing performance with consideration and understanding is one of the goals of a workout tailored to personal fitness. Warming up the muscles is important to prevent injuries. Sweating is part of training and cleanses the body. We ask you to bring your own workout towel; alternatively you can rent towels from us for a small fee. Please do not use strong scented deodorants or perfumes before training. Appropriate personal hygiene is desirable, even before the start of the class, especially in the summer months. In our studio you will find showers as well as free hygiene, cosmetic and shower products and hairdryers.

P – Pregnancy
Yoga during pregnancy is beneficial and relieves many unpleasant side effects. Caution when training is nevertheless advisable. In the first stage of pregnancy, certain yoga postures may not be practiced. Other Asanas are not recommended especially in advanced stages of pregnancy. Please let the yoga teacher know if you are pregnant. Which exercises can be performed depends largely on how often and intensively the woman practiced yoga BEFORE pregnancy. The physician’s consent should be available before the class starts.

R – Registration
Once you are a registered client in our system, you can register for an individual class by e-mail or via our online registration system up to 30 minutes before the course starts. The classes take place with a minimum of 2 participants.

S – Shoes
Shoes are only mandatory for participation in our “Bounce & Burn” classes.  All other classes take place barefoot or in socks.

S – Sore Muscles
After training, having sore muscles is not uncommon. It’s just your body telling you that it was challenged. However, if you feel pain, particularly in the joints, please let the teacher know. The execution of the exercises and yoga postures should be checked and the help of a teacher should be utilized.

T – Training Room
We ask you to take only the essentials with you into the training room, possibly only a drink and a towel. Please store your bags in our lockers.


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