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Health Talks with Cathy Hummels & Tanja Krodel

Join Cathy Hummels and Tanja Krodel live on Instagram and benefit from their expertise on nutrition, healthy weight loss and how to create a fit & lean body.

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Nutritional Myths
Fat makes you fat. Eating late makes you fat. Nuts make you smart. Organic is better. Lots of fruit makes you slim.
Curious what’s really behind these myths?

Why is a well-functioning metabolism so important and how can we support our health in the long term?

Oil Change
What are the differences between oils? What should I use which oils for and why? How can the oil change take place at my home and what could the use of my oils have to do with chronic sinusitis?

Upcoming Dates

Here you will find an overview of our current events, retreats and instructor trainings.



Need some space for an event?

Studio.12 offers several studio rooms, a spacious entrance area with a seating nook and women and men dressing rooms, including showers. The rooms are on an Art Nouveau floor, accented with stucco ceilings, old solid oak parquet flooring and stylish doors.

We are happy to rent our premises for company events, workshops, seminars, personal training, coaching, etc. If needed, we can also organise catering for you.

Prices and availability upon request through:



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For all new clients:
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