The Training ade for YOU!

Your individual needs are best met with personal training, whether it is for improving your health, changing your figure, building muscles, improving your posture or your mental fitness.

We tailor the training to your physical condition and needs, regardless of whether you have experience with personal training or are a newcomer. For the training we use a variety of training variations and modern training equipment, such as the Keiser rope puller, TRX, Pilates Reformer, pull-up bar, kettlebells, weights and other small equipment.

The training program is diverse. It challenges you again and again, motivates you and demands your best performance according to your daily condition. Our training competence includes:

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Stability

We have qualified trainers for the personal training, who can also teach in English on request. Our expertise includes yoga, functional training, strength building, Pilates, fascia training and dance as well as mental, breathing and mindfulness training.


Each personal training session lasts 60 minutes. The training can also take place outside or at your home if you wish. 


We can support your athletic goals with nutritional recommendations. Please make an appointment for a nutritional counselling.