Health Talks with Cathy Hummels

Nutritional Myths

Fat makes you fat.
Eating late makes you fat.
Nuts make you smart.
Organic is better.
Lots of fruit makes you slim.

Curious what’s really behind these myths? Click on the picture above to go directly to the video on our Instagram Channel.

What ist metabolism anyway?

What does the metabolism do? These are the questions Cathy asks and Tanja explains them to us. Why is a well-functioning metabolism so important and how can we support our health in the long term?

We have 5 expert tips on how you can boost your metabolism, stay slim or lose weight.

Oil change

An interesting talk with Cathy and Tanja on the topic of oil. What are the differences between oils? What should I use which oils for and why? How can the oil change take place at my home and what could the use of my oils have to do with chronic sinusitis?

How do i provide a healthy diet for my child?

Kids love sweets, yet sugar should be a taboo for them: Excessive consumption quickly leads to “hyperglycaemia” – which is not only responsible for tooth decay and obesity, but also influences behaviour and can lead to diabetes in early childhood.In this book you will find more than 50 sugar-free recipes that have what it takes to become your favourite food and are an instant success even in mum’s stressful everyday life. With many personal tips & tricks from Cathy Hummel’s everyday life as a mum.